The perfect fit led to success

Our client needed a team in place quickly to accomplish a new project.

On a recent project, we needed to ramp up a team quickly for a large, industry-leading corporation. We were able to bring in a team of 10 people in a very short period because we understood what the company needed and could run with it. On this project, and on most projects, it was all about how we engaged with the clients, got to know them, their business, and their needs. There was a fit with the culture, expertise, and approach between the team with the client’s needs, so we knew there would be great results. It all worked together well!

What I like most about my work at Affinity is the feeling of putting together a team that makes a project a success. The rewarding moments: when you know there is a great fit with the team, company, client, and work, and you know the team will achieve great results for the client’s business.


We understood the client’s needs quickly and connected the right team to ensure great results.

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