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Great work begins with great relationships. Our clients trust us to find the right solutions to complex business and technology challenges that will accelerate their company’s success.



Deep Understanding



Deliberately Different





We deliver measurable, lasting results.

Using an inquisitive approach, we take the time to find answers that are individualized to each company’s needs and align with its business strategy. We work with businesses to answer open questions, find new roads forward, and deliver results quickly. Not only do we solve a problem – we help companies transform.

Application Development

In this digital world, a company is as good as its applications.

Applications support business processes which support healthy business. These are three things Affinity knows best. From evolving broken applications to development cutting edge enterprise game-changers, we deliver the digital transportation needed for your digital transformation.

Data Management

Make informed decisions efficiently – get the most from your data.

We can quickly align your data to provide you the necessary insight to your operations. By providing you the tools and support to access that data quickly and easily, we help you achieve the maximum benefit from your data.

Conversational AI

A satisfied customer these days is the same as money in the bank.

Keeping customers satisfied is no easy feat, especially when trying to do so with the finite supply of human resources. TruResolve™ is the conversational artificial intelligence organizations need to drive a competitive advantage in customer service.


Program Management

Programs come and go, but the results stick around.

Program management is one of the most important things a business does. Delivering on schedule and to task lists is not enough, you need to deliver on expectations. Affinity helps you command and drive results that genuinely move your business.


Relationships that last: our clients.