Great relationships improved IT security and compliance

The client needed to keep customer information safe while handling credit cards in multiple ways.

One of my passions is around IT governance and security. All of my projects with Affinity have been around security. I love that I get to work with every single business unit because security touches every part of the company.

A recent project that I am proud of involved PCI compliance for a large company. Throughout the business, they had more than 15 different ways to handle credit cards. The initial scope of the project was to examine those 15 processes and make sure that they were compliant. Of course, I enjoy the pace of the project where we can check processes off and solve problems. On this particular project, along the way, we also discovered six more ways that they were processing credit cards that were not initially on their radar. It was not a huge pivotal change in the business overall, but it was an important step for the company to ensure that they kept customer information safe.

On this, and most projects, my favorite part is working with the customer be the person that can help them solve problems, do it well, and communicate it well.


Now, the company better protects customer private credit card information and gained the FDA stamp of approval.

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