A team-oriented approach led to a smooth IT merger.

Our client needed to merge a formerly separate IT support company, into their business quickly and seamlessly.

We needed to develop new processes, procedures, and documentation to manage IT support internally. We also needed to help merge the IT support company into the larger company environment seamlessly.

In the process, we saw there was a need for better communication between the two companies. To solve the problem, we had to step out of the box of what was expected of us. Someone had to go out and talk to the business that was being merged. We had to step up and not just be the technical people but set up meetings to help the new company come into the overall business environment.

The team-oriented approach at Affinity allowed us to respond quickly to the challenge. At Affinity, there is a sense of team when things are good or when things are difficult. There is always an emphasis on inclusion. The client agreed with the steps we took and was very satisfied with the result. We surprised them with timeliness and quality of what we achieved. We responded quickly and delivered.


We helped the client to seamlessly and quickly absorb a technical IT support company into their larger corporate environment. We also helped to make IT processes and procedures smoother and more efficient.

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